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I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach!  On that note, I thought I would share with you what we accomplished yesterday, on Mothers Day!  I know, most women spend time being pampered.  Time is limited for us these days so I chose to spend my day working hard with my family.  We ripped down the wooden fence that was damaged during Superstorm Sandy and we also removed the kids huge wooden swing set that had also seen better days since Sandy.  We still have a ton left to do, power washing, deck finishing, landscaping, grass seed as well as some remaining construction but we are well on our way.  It is a work in progress for us, it always has been, but at least we are progressing forward these days and not regressing!


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Power Washed DeckIt is amazing what the simple act of cleaning up outdoors can add to your selling value.  Buyers make snap judgements all the time.  They  look at how a home is maintained inside as well as outside.  Keep your outside well maintained this Spring to make sure all the potential buyers that do a “drive by” first see your home at it’s best.  Keep in mind that a drive by in our neck of the woods may also be by boat, not just by car in the front of your house…make sure your decks are well maintained.  There are fantastic stains available at your local hardware stores.  Keep it simple and neutral when picking your color choice.  Grab a power washer and clean off the walkways, your siding, and anything else that has the grime from the past seasons laying on it!  After it is cleaned up, treat your wooden decks with a one coat sealant available in so many different options.  Buyers will believe that your home is just as immaculately maintained inside as well as outside and we can’t sell your house unless we get the potential buyer to step inside….

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fantastic front doors

You don’t need to spend a fortune this year to give yourself the curb appeal to set your home apart from your competition. Sprucing up your entryway is one of the most important things you can do this spring. The first impression of buyers is often a lasting impression. Many simply do a drive by of the house to see if they are interested in taking the next step. Take a look at your own front door and these examples to see how your can add some curb appeal of your own!


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2013 Spring Market is Here!

The market today is different than it was 6 months ago. We have regular economic factors as well as the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy to thank for all the changes both positive and negative. Call a proffessional when making the decision to buy or sell.

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Spring is almost here and although we have had a mild winter you will still need to pay attention to the details that make up your home!  Everyone should spend some time each spring putting forth the energy to clean up and maintain their homes!  Here are some simple tips that involve just a bit of elbow grease and will help you enjoy your summer. If you are thinking about selling, performing these tasks will help spruce your “curb appeal” that impacts the price you will ultimately get for your home;

  • Get out your scrub brushes and sponges and wash down outdoor furniture with mild soap and water!  Run cushions through the washer or hose and scrub them down!
  • Scrub down the grill.  Soak the grates with dish soap and scrub down the insides with the grill brush.  Hose off completely and clean off the outside with a stainless cleaner if needed.
  • Make sure all garden beds are cleaned out of debris and weeds and turn over the soil.  Keep in mind they beds always look better with mulch and the cost is relatively inexpensive for a dramatic effect.
  • Sweep sidewalks, curbs, walkways and driveways.  Use a power washer if needed to get rid of stubborn dirt and oil stains.
  • De-clutter the garage!  Just do it, take everything out, sweep out the floor and only put back the items you are planning on using.  Remove any old chemical products (contact your local sanitation department to dispose of properly).
  • Wash your windows.  My mom taught me the best way is to clean windows and glass is with vinegar and newspaper!  I like to do that after the grime is washed away with the Windex hose cleaner!  If you do it on a cloudy day it will help avoid streaking.
  • Wash your deck!  There are so many variety of decks both wood and resin types so take a trip to your local hardware store and use the correct product it will make is infinitely easier.  Most carry brands that you can spray on and spray off!
  • Clean out your gutters!  One of the most damaging things to homes is water damage.  Prevent it simply with a gutter cleaning.  It also helps prevent the unsightly staining that occurs when gutters are not properly cleaned and the water runs down the side of a house.
  • Finally, consider what a can of paint can do for your front door!  Do you need a new mailbox or house numbers?  All are relatively inexpensive and will help give you the curb appeal you desire!

Thanks for reading!


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Real estate is picking up as we head toward the spring selling season!  If you are considering selling or purchasing please think of me!  I will absolutely work my hardest and put your needs first!  My goal toward all my listings is to “get them sold” so I do not take exclusive listings, I put them out for everyone to see immediately.  I believe it is not in your best interest to hold a listing within one particular office but to make sure your home gets advertised completely and effectively.

Thanks to all my friends who have called with real estate questions or simply to ask how much a particular house is listed for….I am always here for you!

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