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Newsday recently had an article titled “Beach House Living Means Views and Sand” (http://www.newsday.com/classifieds/real-estate/beach-house-living-means-views-and-sand-1.3820526) and it listed all the reasons why living in a beach house is amazing.  Along with that amazement factor is an amazing price tag as well.  Most of the properties featured were well over $800,000 to purchase and were located off the beaten path.  Trust me, I am not knocking beach front living AT ALL, I would love to open up my doors to the sound of waves crashing and the soothing sound of the gulls overhead.  Fortunately, for us working class folks there is another alternative.  Many areas located on the Great South Bay have the same “beachy” feelings and offer so many wonderful opportunities to explore along with fantastic views.

Did you know there are many places that rent kayaks and paddle boards if you can’t afford to purchase your own?  The Dinghy Shop http://www.dinghyshop.com/ located right here in Amityville has tons to offer on a regular basis.  They offer sailing lessons and participate in twilight kayak tours.  Adults and children can learn how to sail at the Amityville Village Beach, Unqua Corinthian Yatch Club as well as Narrasketuck Yatch Club http://www.nycsail.com/.

We have the most AMAZING beaches within 20 minutes from most front doors and many bay area residents choose not to vacation in the summertime because of how beautiful it is at home.  Did you know that one can walk to Fire Island? http://www.fireislandlighthouse.com/  This is the website and it lists directions and the costs of visiting the historic lighthouse that can been seen while crossing over the Robert Moses Bridge.

So although beach living has its own love affair here on Long Island I propose that there is a more economical way to enjoy many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.  Visit www.17NormanAvenue.com to see one of my waterfronts currently available and get refreshed by its fantastic waterfront amenities.  There are also many other waterfront homes that range from $399 and up so feel free to give me a call!

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