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Are you thinking about selling but want to wait until after the holiday season?  

Here are some great reasons not to wait!

*There is less competition for buyers!

*People out looking in the freezing cold and snow tend to be serious about a home purchase.

*Because there is less competition you may get more money!  Less to choose from = less negotiating.

*Your home is usually decorated and comforting with holiday smells…just make sure to stage it correctly and tastefully!

*You can always restrict showings if it interferes with holiday parties or celebrations.

*Buyers have more time to look during vacation time from schools and jobs or while visiting friends and family.

*You can delay closing until after the holidays pass!

*When you sell your own home during the winter you are in a stronger position to purchase a new one when all those spring for sale signs pop up.  You will have the maximum negotiating advantages as your home will already be sold!

So what are you waiting for?  Call me and I will take care of everything for you 🙂


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This is a constantly changing market.  If you live anywhere near the water or are thinking about purchasing or selling and live near the water then you need to be aware of the current requirements put in place by FEMA.  Many homes will be required to have elevation certificates before an insurance quote can be given to place the flood insurance premium cost.

This video explains who, what, when and why in a simple and easy to understand manner.


If you have any further questions or need some additional information on your own property or one you are thinking of purchasing please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you further as well as provide some references for obtaining an elevation certificate.

As always thanks for reading!




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The window of opportunity is diminishing as the temperatures drop this afternoon into this evening.  If you are a homeowner or tenant responsible for maintaining a home there are a few basic things that you can do to prevent damage to your home.  One of the most important principals that should be understood is frozen water expands and this affects both metal and plastic.  There are some very simple and basic things you can do tonight to prevent some costly issues that may occur due to frozen or burst pipes!

  • The easiest thing to do is to drip the cold water in your faucets on your first floor or basement levels.  This will help keep the motion in the pipes and therefore prevent freezing.  Any pipes in un-insulated crawl spaces or in slabs can freeze easier than pipes located in heated areas (such as the inside walls leading to a second floor).  Be wary of outside walls that are in direct contact to the elements as these pipes should be a priority.
  • Second, turn off the water to your outdoor hose bibs or spigots.  These are just waiting to expand and burst on you every winter.  This should be part of winter maintenance every year and if you forgot now is the time to do it!  This also includes sprinkler lines and swimming pool lines.
  • Open the cabinet doors under the sinks to allow air flow from the heated spaces to circulate.
  • Finally, when the forecast is for these super low temps people should maintain their heat even when the normal tendency is to turn it down at night in areas of the home that are not occupied.  Keep those thermostats set and don’t set them back tonight.  The additional costs will be well worth the savings if you are forced to pay for the damages incurred by burst or broken pipes.

I hope these tips can help prevent any damage from occurring in the next few days.  If you have any rental properties or vacant properties for sale please remember to follow the same precautionary measures that you would for your own house.

As always, thanks for reading, be safe and remember, if you have any real estate questions I am here for you!


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Tomorrow is a new year complete with new aspirations and hopes, new dreams and new resolutions.  My New Year’s resolution is to break my resolutions….that way I succeed at something.  On New Year’s Day we walk through our lives making lists of work to be done, things to be fixed and promises to be made.  This year…to balance those lists maybe we should walk through our lives looking for the potential and not the flaws.  Be positive and let that overcome the negative in our lives, our work and our minds.  Let’s look forward to the future and make things happen!

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New Listing Possible Mother Daughter

Beautiful In Line High Ranch in Venetian Shores, untouched by Sandy, no flood insurance required, hardwood floors, stainless appliances, custom touches through out, custom gas fireplace. Asking $379,000

Visit: http://www.330lidopkwy.com

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Just When You Thought You Had a Break!

There was a law passed called the Mortgage Relief Debt Act that allowed people to not pay income taxes on mortgage debt that was forgiven by their bank.  For example, if a seller had a short sale on their home.  Let’s just say for example that they owed $330K to the bank but wound up selling for $300K.  All of the banks approved the sale and it went through.  The seller, according to the Mortgage Relief Act did not have to pay income tax on that 30K difference or the amount that was “forgiven” by the banks.  This act expires December, 31, 2013.

What this means is that any person who is currently involved in a short sale, foreclosure or loan modification program will have to pay income taxes on the amount that was forgiven.  Although Congress is in the works of trying to extend this law it may or may not be passed by years end.  Try to get all of your dealings wrapped up by the deadline so you can take advantage of the relief provided.


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This renovated South Amityville expanded ranch has a new kitchen and bath and features 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths!  Almost too good to be true!  Nice lot size of 79 x 123 with solid wood floors throughout!  Give me a call for an appointment or more information!

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