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Are you thinking about selling but want to wait until after the holiday season?  

Here are some great reasons not to wait!

*There is less competition for buyers!

*People out looking in the freezing cold and snow tend to be serious about a home purchase.

*Because there is less competition you may get more money!  Less to choose from = less negotiating.

*Your home is usually decorated and comforting with holiday smells…just make sure to stage it correctly and tastefully!

*You can always restrict showings if it interferes with holiday parties or celebrations.

*Buyers have more time to look during vacation time from schools and jobs or while visiting friends and family.

*You can delay closing until after the holidays pass!

*When you sell your own home during the winter you are in a stronger position to purchase a new one when all those spring for sale signs pop up.  You will have the maximum negotiating advantages as your home will already be sold!

So what are you waiting for?  Call me and I will take care of everything for you 🙂


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Tomorrow is a new year complete with new aspirations and hopes, new dreams and new resolutions.  My New Year’s resolution is to break my resolutions….that way I succeed at something.  On New Year’s Day we walk through our lives making lists of work to be done, things to be fixed and promises to be made.  This year…to balance those lists maybe we should walk through our lives looking for the potential and not the flaws.  Be positive and let that overcome the negative in our lives, our work and our minds.  Let’s look forward to the future and make things happen!

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14,027 Houses Sell Every Day in the U.S.!!.

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Additional Help for Sandy Victims


This article from the NY Times explains how a 203K loan (typically used for homes that do not meet current codes to be brought current when ownership is transferred) can be used to help repair a Sandy damaged home.  Structured to release payments to the new owner to make repairs by releasing construction payments under the banks supervision to take a run down home (possibly a foreclosure or flood damaged) and in the end the final mortgage amount under the 203K process is for the appraised value of the rebuilt home.

It is slightly complicated and each circumstance is different.  Having a trusted mortgage broker who has successfully completed transactions with this process is key.  Feel free to contact me for some references!

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Why You Should Choose Coldwell Banker Harbor Light

This is a screen shot of our market share in Amityville. We are head and shoulders above the rest in sales! Choose the #1 Real Estate. In this difficult market that is changing on a regular basis patience and perseverance gets us through! We have the most hardworking agents that bring deals to a close. Call me today if you are thinking about buying or selling your home.

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Our inventory is low because we are selling all of our listings.  All the studies and reports you are reading about the changes in the market are true.  Sales are up, pending sales are up, and inventory is being reduced.  The fact is that many homes have sat on the market for a while, especially is distressed areas.  The truth is that most of these homes are sold or in the process of being sold.  Some may need 203K Rehabilitation loans that take extra time but they will eventually close, so don’t dilly dally any longer if you see a home you are interested in make a move today.

Coldwell Banker Harbor Light needs more listings!  If you are thinking of selling give me a call today!  Our signs are coming down and we need some more places to put them!

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