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View from Amityville - Great South Bay, October 29, 2014 Photo Courtesy of Loretta Del Vecchio WeberPhoto courtesy of Loretta Del Vecchio Weber, 10/29/2014

As a realtor in an area devastated by Superstorm Sandy everyone asks the same questions, “So how’s the market? Are houses selling?” and the truth is that it is a tricky and ever changing market to be involved in. Emotions are raw and for every one household that is home and put back together we hear 10 other horror stories of people unable to get the funds to fix their homes. The media coverage is showing empathy for the Sandy Survivors but little is actually being done to speed up the process of the rebuilding of the South Shore.

Home values here in the 100 year flood plain remain depressed. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors show slight increases in sale prices but this really is not so for our local real estate. Zillow “Zestimates” are so far off for our area, the system simply averages sale prices of homes that have sold over a period of time while not taking into account the homes that have sold “as is” meaning storm damaged.

Many people filed a form with their towns stating that they were 50% damaged. The form was filed with the intent to get some tax relief for the time a home spent vacant and inhabitable or to secure a $30,000 ICC grant to get additional money to lift a house for the short period of time it was offered. Unfortunately, if people have filed this piece of paper they are now red flagged and must bring their home to current codes in order to get a Certificate of Occupancy. This means they must lift or demolish and/or build new. There is such a lack of continuity in the NY Rising Program and the SBA program. Homeowners are buried under paperwork and are signing papers that may have serious repercussions later in time, everyone should read what is written in the small print.

Facebook groups have formed to support people that just can’t get answers and are still struggling. Without these groups a majority of the information would still remain unclear. Sandy Support,Massapequa Style and Adopt A House have had and continue to have a tremendous impact on sharing and getting the correct information out to the public. Beth Ann Huff Henry and Michelle Insignia volunteer to moderate and help so many people.  Without their services, and those that support their sites along with their own support staff, many people would have questions still unanswered.

So, to answer the question of how today’s market is doing two years after Sandy I give you the following example.   I took a listing 2 weeks ago. The home is located in Copiague Harbor. The home is “as is”. The funds offered for repair of the home are not enough to repair it. The family, a mom, dad and a young girl and their dog have been living in a one bedroom apartment for over two years while they fought to get the money to return home. 2 weeks ago the decision was made to move on and give up the fight. The home is now listed “as is” and will be a short sale as well.  Let’s turn to the opposite end, to people that have knocked down and built new.  Many quite possibly were at the top end of their budget when purchasing the home that was previously destroyed.  Now, forced with being homeless or securing any funding possibly they have managed to rebuild their homes.  We will now have higher accessed taxes on these homes.  Will the family now be able to financially support the old mortgage, new loans, and higher taxes?  Will these homes eventually have to be sold or be lost to foreclosure because people made emotional financial decisions under duress? There is no simple, accurate answer.  Each case is individual but the after effects of Sandy and what it is doing to our real estate market will be consistently changing.

Realtors are struggling to pay bills as homes are not moving quickly. The extended education and increased knowledge of flood plain levels, flood premiums, and the increased complexity of obtaining CO’s have made an already tuff market even more difficult to work in. The storm was two years ago and the after effects are sure to go on for quite some time. As I walk my boys to their bus stop in the morning I see tyvek wrap flapping in the breeze and houses that are vacant and dilapidated in my 2 block trek. There is an awesome video done by a young girl that shows her journey and is representative of what is going on now, 2 years later. Her name is Caity Donnely and this is her video  Be careful, tissues will be required!

If you are thinking about moving or buying or just have general questions please make sure you speak with a Realtor that knows about what is going on. All of the rules stay with the house and a new homeowner may be required to bring the house into compliance even if you did not own it at the time of the storm! My advice is to be knowledgable in what and where you plan to purchase or sell.  My advice for those that were not affected by the storm, please be compassionate. It is not over for so many.

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The Great South Bay 1.8.2014

The Great South Bay may have stilled its’ waters and embraced the deep freeze but real estate is still moving! I have 4 appointments already set up for this weekend! Looking for a house? Thinking about selling? The cold doesn’t stop us so don’t let it stop you! Give me a call I have on my Realtor boots!

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“As Is” is the description of the week. Lean more as I post what the effects of Sandy is doing to our real estate market here in Long Island. Worried that the house down the street from you flooded and was sold dirt cheap? Follow me and learn why this will not impact your home value in the next year when you are looking to sell.

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It is never too early to start preparation for a possible storm. With that please send out a message to members asking them to please start some preparation for the possibility of some bad weather heading our way. Attached is a NOAA hurricane map that shows the possible track over our area. This is not to panic our residents but to give them adequate time to prepare their homes, boats and make a go bag. Please stay tuned to the weather and check the Village web site over the weakened for any Village updates we may give. The Village is starting our preparation for this bad weather event. We urge all residents to sign up for Suffolk County Code Red. This can be done directly from the Village Web page. Amityville.Com then put cursor over Emergency Management and select Suffolk County Code Red. By registering to code red you will be linked to the latest news form Suffolk County Emergency Management. Again we are looking for our residents to stay informed and make some preparations for what looks like some bad weather and possible flooding.

Thank You

Chief Donald J. Dobby Jr.

Amityville Village Police Department

21 Ireland Place

Amityville, NY 11701-2902

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Newsday recently had an article titled “Beach House Living Means Views and Sand” (http://www.newsday.com/classifieds/real-estate/beach-house-living-means-views-and-sand-1.3820526) and it listed all the reasons why living in a beach house is amazing.  Along with that amazement factor is an amazing price tag as well.  Most of the properties featured were well over $800,000 to purchase and were located off the beaten path.  Trust me, I am not knocking beach front living AT ALL, I would love to open up my doors to the sound of waves crashing and the soothing sound of the gulls overhead.  Fortunately, for us working class folks there is another alternative.  Many areas located on the Great South Bay have the same “beachy” feelings and offer so many wonderful opportunities to explore along with fantastic views.

Did you know there are many places that rent kayaks and paddle boards if you can’t afford to purchase your own?  The Dinghy Shop http://www.dinghyshop.com/ located right here in Amityville has tons to offer on a regular basis.  They offer sailing lessons and participate in twilight kayak tours.  Adults and children can learn how to sail at the Amityville Village Beach, Unqua Corinthian Yatch Club as well as Narrasketuck Yatch Club http://www.nycsail.com/.

We have the most AMAZING beaches within 20 minutes from most front doors and many bay area residents choose not to vacation in the summertime because of how beautiful it is at home.  Did you know that one can walk to Fire Island? http://www.fireislandlighthouse.com/  This is the website and it lists directions and the costs of visiting the historic lighthouse that can been seen while crossing over the Robert Moses Bridge.

So although beach living has its own love affair here on Long Island I propose that there is a more economical way to enjoy many of the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.  Visit www.17NormanAvenue.com to see one of my waterfronts currently available and get refreshed by its fantastic waterfront amenities.  There are also many other waterfront homes that range from $399 and up so feel free to give me a call!

As always, thanks for reading,


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Our favorite time of year is fast approaching in our “Friendly Bay Village”.  The Amityville Beach is slated to open on June 23rd!

Follow the link for all the pertinent information you need…get your kids registered in the terrific swimming and sailing programs that are offered!


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At the Board of Trustees meeting on January 23rd, 2012 a resolution was passed authorizing undertaking a Restoration Project of Amityville Village Beach. Damage caused by Hurricane Irene resulted in the need to repair/replace the west pier and asphalt sidewalk, east pier, boat ramp, parking lot, pavilion/concession roof, fencing, floating dock, and shower enclosure at an estimated cost of $600,000, inclusive of professinal services. Funding for the project will come from a $500,000 grant secured by Senator Owen Johnson, insurance recoveries and FEMA reimbursement. The estimated completion of the project is four to five months.

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