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The window of opportunity is diminishing as the temperatures drop this afternoon into this evening.  If you are a homeowner or tenant responsible for maintaining a home there are a few basic things that you can do to prevent damage to your home.  One of the most important principals that should be understood is frozen water expands and this affects both metal and plastic.  There are some very simple and basic things you can do tonight to prevent some costly issues that may occur due to frozen or burst pipes!

  • The easiest thing to do is to drip the cold water in your faucets on your first floor or basement levels.  This will help keep the motion in the pipes and therefore prevent freezing.  Any pipes in un-insulated crawl spaces or in slabs can freeze easier than pipes located in heated areas (such as the inside walls leading to a second floor).  Be wary of outside walls that are in direct contact to the elements as these pipes should be a priority.
  • Second, turn off the water to your outdoor hose bibs or spigots.  These are just waiting to expand and burst on you every winter.  This should be part of winter maintenance every year and if you forgot now is the time to do it!  This also includes sprinkler lines and swimming pool lines.
  • Open the cabinet doors under the sinks to allow air flow from the heated spaces to circulate.
  • Finally, when the forecast is for these super low temps people should maintain their heat even when the normal tendency is to turn it down at night in areas of the home that are not occupied.  Keep those thermostats set and don’t set them back tonight.  The additional costs will be well worth the savings if you are forced to pay for the damages incurred by burst or broken pipes.

I hope these tips can help prevent any damage from occurring in the next few days.  If you have any rental properties or vacant properties for sale please remember to follow the same precautionary measures that you would for your own house.

As always, thanks for reading, be safe and remember, if you have any real estate questions I am here for you!


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New Listing Possible Mother Daughter

Beautiful In Line High Ranch in Venetian Shores, untouched by Sandy, no flood insurance required, hardwood floors, stainless appliances, custom touches through out, custom gas fireplace. Asking $379,000

Visit: http://www.330lidopkwy.com

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Why You Should Choose Coldwell Banker Harbor Light

This is a screen shot of our market share in Amityville. We are head and shoulders above the rest in sales! Choose the #1 Real Estate. In this difficult market that is changing on a regular basis patience and perseverance gets us through! We have the most hardworking agents that bring deals to a close. Call me today if you are thinking about buying or selling your home.

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Our inventory is low because we are selling all of our listings.  All the studies and reports you are reading about the changes in the market are true.  Sales are up, pending sales are up, and inventory is being reduced.  The fact is that many homes have sat on the market for a while, especially is distressed areas.  The truth is that most of these homes are sold or in the process of being sold.  Some may need 203K Rehabilitation loans that take extra time but they will eventually close, so don’t dilly dally any longer if you see a home you are interested in make a move today.

Coldwell Banker Harbor Light needs more listings!  If you are thinking of selling give me a call today!  Our signs are coming down and we need some more places to put them!

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Information about the new registration requirements for the Basic School Tax Relief (STAR) property tax exemption.

Basic STAR:

All homeowners currently receiving the Basic STAR exemption must register with the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance in order to continue receiving the exemption in 2014 and subsequent years. This is part of a new initiative to ensure that tax dollars are not wasted on inappropriate or fraudulent STAR exemptions.

The Department of Taxation and Finance will be mailing all current Basic STAR recipients instructions on how to register, including a STAR code that homeowners will need in order to register. According to the Department of Taxation & Finance, letters will be mailed to homeowners in Nassau & Suffolk Counties from September 19th through October 4th. The deadline to register is December 31, 2013.

Enhanced STAR:

Senior citizens who receive the Enhanced STAR exemption are not affected by these new requirements, and as a result will not receive new instructions from the Department of Taxation and Finance. However, Enhanced STAR recipients must continue to reapply annually or participate in the income verification program, as they are currently required to do.

Residents who have any questions about the new registration requirements can call the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance at (518) 457-2036 or Senator Fuschillo’s office at 516-882-0630.

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Networking Event Tonight

A networking event at VERO for realtors, contractors, lenders, and anyone connected or interested in the real estate industry.

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“As Is” is the description of the week. Lean more as I post what the effects of Sandy is doing to our real estate market here in Long Island. Worried that the house down the street from you flooded and was sold dirt cheap? Follow me and learn why this will not impact your home value in the next year when you are looking to sell.

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